The professional coffee training programmes run by Coffee Nexus help people develop their skills and realise their potential.   They are primarily based around the following areas:

  • Coffee Cupping and Sensory Skills
  • Green Coffee Quality
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Coffee Roasting and Roast Profiling
  • Roastery Quality Assurance

For many areas of work in the coffee industry coffee cupping remains a core skill, and for this reason it is one of our most popular training courses.  Training in topics surrounding green coffee quality and purchasing, along with roast profiling are also popular and are core skills for those who own their own coffee roastery.

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SCA Coffee Diploma System

We have been active in the curriculum development of the SCA Coffee Diploma System and have been part of the team creating the content of the green coffee, roasting and sensory modules. This flexible module based programme is designed to meet the specialist education and certification needs of coffee professionals. At present we can deliver SCA certified training in the following modules of the Coffee Diploma System:

  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Green Coffee – Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Levels
  • Sensory/Cup Tasting – Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Levels
  • Roasting – Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Levels
  • Brewing and Grinding – Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Levels

Current course availability at our training centre including  links to the SCA course registration portal are:






SCA Page Link




1/2 November 2017

Roasting Foundation

£500 plus VAT & Certification

Sold Out

Green Coffee


22/23 November 2017

Green Coffee Foundation

£500 plus VAT & Certification

Sold Out

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On Site Coffee Training

Training in your own lab, or with your own equipment can be an extremely effective way of transferring training programmes into future good practice.  Many clients find this an effective way of training and we can carry out unique courses for you that:

  • Combine elements of different courses to cover a curriculum to suit your exact needs
  • Train you in your lab or roastery with your equipment
  • Work to your training level in an environment you are comfortable in
  • Train larger numbers of people quickly and consistently

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London School of Coffee

We also run regular courses at the London School of Coffee, a training centre with a global reputation that has been central to the development of the vibrant London coffee scene.  For further information about these courses please contact the school directly via their website 

LSC Coffee Training Cupping Class