Monitoring product performance and consistency is essential for modern coffee companies and our coffee quality assurance services start at origin and work through the whole supply chain. Whatever your position in the coffee industry our expertise can confidentially monitor your products to ensure they achieve the highest levels of product performance and consistency.


Roasting Businesses

We can define product standards and develop coffee quality assurance systems adapted to your roasting business through the whole supply chain.  We can also manage your quality assurance requirements on your behalf by providing an independent analysis of:

  • Quality assessment of green coffee from pre-purchase sample through to final delivery
  • Monitoring of your complete roasting system and manufacturing process
  • Performance analysis of the finished coffee product through it’s entire shelf life

roast coffee close up one third

Retailers and Brands

For retailers and brands who rely on sub-contracting roasting we offer post production quality assurances services that:

  • Define key quality criteria for coffee product testing
  • Monitor product quality and consistency over time
  • Review and benchmark your product offering directly to your key competition
  • Check the freshness of products through their shelf life.

product quality assurance