We offer a range of coffee consulting services . We will take time to understand your individual business needs, and offer unique, confidential solutions based around the following categories:

Green Coffee Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Every company has unique requirements for the source, quality and volume of coffees they need.  We can manage either the whole supply chain or individual parts for clients including:

  • Identifying and sourcing the right coffees for your business
  • Managing your supply chain on an ongoing basis
  • Reviewing and revising current green coffee sourcing strategies
  • Quality analysis of green coffee by a licensed Q grader

Green Coffee

Roasting Systems

Achieving consistent product quality is essential for business success.  Our company has worked with roasting operations of all sizes on a range of projects.  Our coffee consulting for roasteries covers the following areas:

  • Analysing your current roasting and manufacturing systems
  • Optimising the roasting process
  • Developing roast profiles
  • Defining roast product standards
  • Refining and improving manufacturing systems
  • Sourcing the right equipment for your roastery

Sample Roasting

Strategic Product Analysis

Awareness of where your coffee product range is positioned in the marketplace and how it compares to that of your direct competition gives your business a strategic advantage and an insight into how your offering can be developed further.  Coffee Nexus carries out product analysis in these areas:

  • Benchmarking and assessing competitor products
  • Analysing the quality criteria of your current coffee portfolio
  • Evaluating the diversity of your current coffee portfolio
  • Coffee consulting to identify new opportunities for new product development

roast coffee

Media Services

Coffee Nexus has been delivering expert opinion and support to several categories of media for well over a decade. Whether you are in film, radio, or the written media we can help give your article an expert industry viewpoint.

Coffee Media Services

For more information about these services please contact Coffee Nexus directly